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Creativity is in you. I sew.

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Originally Written June 25, 2016

No, I’m not old. Or don’t think of myself as such. I have a creative bone that just has to. I like the satisfaction of making something for me, for my kids or someone as a gift. My daughter’s all awe’d over at school for the cool clothes she has, made by mommy. I love hearing that, and it makes her feel proud. 

I started sewing after my miscarriage. I needed to keep busy and focus on something, without having to think too much.  I was in too much pain for any logical thinking. Now I sew because I love it and when I’m manic I use up my energy, when I’m down it keeps my spirits up. It works pretty well.

This is my purse I carry at the moment. It’s also reversible which is like having 2 in one. It’s called the India Hobo from Swoon Patterns. Working up to more difficult ones. Like her Dorian Messanger that I’m making now as a teacher’s gift. Speaking of bags and teacher’s gifts. This is my first ever purse I’ve made in 2015. 

I started out making smaller things, mostly pillows and pillowcases. You know, straight lines. Then I got a serger and because I run towards scary challenges, I started making clothes for me and the kids. Some of them at the beginning took me as much as 5 hrs. 

This is my favorite shirt (Love Notions again) I made my son. He has some shorts and underwear I made too…. My latest obsession is bags and wallets. I still make the above, I’m currently working on a pair of pants for my aunt, but I like to challenge myself and I’m proud how far I came in less than 3 years.

You can do it too! Don’t worry for time. I don’t have much time to sew either. It’s anot illusion. You just have to start small and keep challenging yourself. There are awesome FB groups and blogs with tutorials to helps you as you go along. If you think I should join the tutorial line, let me know. I can try.

This little triangle change purse is a quick and satisfying starter. 

Thank you for reading, Love, Judit. 

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